A Sad Life

Decided to re-write the poetries. Enjoy.


9. Don't let me fall

Yay got it. Finally. hha

The moment has come
For me to walk free 
And forget all about you
I'm happy now right?
But why am I crying?
Why does my heart feels like it has been shattered into million pieces?
Why does it hurt so much?
Make it stop
Please you're killing me once again
Take me back
Don't let me fall
Open up your arms and let me back in
I won't be myself once you're gone 
You're leaving me again
But it's not like the first 
Or the second time
This time its for real
This time it's forever 
Loving you was a pain from the beginning 
But a good pain
Now here we're
You're leaving me again
And it's painful 
It's not a good pain
I'm brokenhearted 
All because of you
You shouldn't have left me to fall

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