Femme Fatale

[Coming Soon 2017]

"Why are you playing games with me?"
"Because... it's fun."

What a killer wants, a killer gets. And what Alexis wants, she will get -- even this means using her deadly charms against her boss to get her way. She's been getting away with murder. Christian, the boss of a underground company, hears all about her in which he decides to hire her to do his dirty work. This causes Alexis to use her wits and beauty on him.But when Christian finds out that he's being played by her, he decides to turn the tables on her.


1. Teaser

"Alexis, do you fucking know how frustrated I am?" Christian said, slamming his fist on the table. His striking baby blue eyes were clouded with anger and the tone in his voice went extremely low. I sat there and chuckled lowly, shaking my head.

"Christian," I said in a seducing voice, trying to make sure that he can hear me. "What a woman wants, a woman gets. That doesn't apply to me at all." I glared at him before finishing up the white wine that was still in my glass. "You don't understand me or my motive," I smiled at him mischievously, breaking the wine glass with my bare hand.

"And why is that?" He walks towards me, standing behind the chair that I am sitting in. "Is it because you kill just to get on the news? Or is it that you get away with murder?" He whispers roughly in my ear, sending chills up and down my spine.

"First of all," I smirked lowly without looking at him. "I kill for both of those reasons; it's the fact that we are playing a game, Christian." I stood up from my seat, slowly walking away while looking at him with a cold stare. "Second, the game is not over until one of us is either dead or in jail."

"You're playing with fire, little brat."

"I'm not playing with fire; I'm playing my game and my game only."

Christian scoffs, crossing his arms. "And what is the name of this game?"

A wicked smile appeared on my lips, grabbing his wine glass and holding it up. My throat was burning with the white wine that I was drinking on.


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