After Graduation Comes Work

**Read Secret First**
Things for Julia Santos are really looking up. She is about to graduate and become part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, where this really cute boy works. But are things going to continue to look up for her, or is a tragic misfortune going to come her way?!?!?!
**Please remember I DO NOT OWN any of the criminal minds characters. However I do own Julia Santos and and the story itself. If you would like to write a spinoff using julia santos please ask me first. Thanks so much.**


1. Getting Caught Up

Julia's P.O.V

After kissing Spencer we spent so much time together. I came to visit him at work brought him coffee. But we still weren't dating. I wanted to finish school before I got into a relationship but we were still close. But most importantly I finally got to go back to the FBI academy. I could finish my training and see spencer everyday. All the time, plus i could travel. I was in fact graduating tomorrow. I had picked up my uniform it fit perfectly. I had been waiting to wear this uniform forever. I stayed in the hospital 3 days after the kiss. Spence stayed by my side the entire time. I can't wait to graduate, we an finally be together. Someone knocked on the door. "Coming," I said. "hey," I said opening the door to see spencer leaning against the frame. "Hey beautiful," he said giving me a big hug. Since the incident with Jonathan, Spencer had been my best friend. He kept me safe. He made me feel safe. I loved when he hugged me because because I felt safe. I felt like nothing could hurt me nothing could get to me. "so your graduation is tomorrow. Are you excited?" he asked smiling at me. "Of course," I said. "Can I kiss you at graduation you know since we can finally be together." "I'd love that." I said giggling. "Come sit down I was just getting some last minute things ready for tomorrow." I said. He went to go sit down on the couch. "Are you kidding me?" I said laughing at him. "You can sit in my bedroom since that is where I am." I said pulling him to the bedroom. I walked in to my uniform lying on the bed. My white gloves and hat right next to it. "reminds me of mine." he said staring at the uniform. "Yah." I said still stunned I would be graduating tomorrow. "I can't wait to see you in it tomorrow." he said. "So who's coming to see you?" He asked "this is a big day for you." "Well, since I don't have any family you, Hotch, Derek, Garcia, JJ, and Rossi." I said. These people were my family. I had seen them almost everyday. Hotch was like my dad. He was protective of me, he almost never smiled but somehow I could get him to smile. He has a son name Jack. Jack was the cutest thing ever. Spencer has fallen in love with Jack. Derek, teases Spence all the time. Don't tell him I told you but I think him and Garcia have something between each other. Garica is blonde and perky and I absolutely love her so much. She is so outgoing and she wants me and Spencer to date. JJ stands for jennifer Jareau. She is blonde and she has a kid and a husband so she gives me life advice. After spencer, JJ and garcia are my besties. I couldn't live with out them. "I am going to make you dinner tonight." spence said snapping me out of my thoughts. I had been so excited and busy preparing for my graduation tomorrow I had forgotten that I was even hungry. I checked the clock to see what time it was. 6:00. "Oh you are with what food?" I said laughing as he walked to the kitchen. "The food in your kitchen." "okay" I said laughing as I realized there is nothing in my kitchen except junk. Spencer came back with the few things I had in my cabinets. "really, takis, oreo's, and chip's ahoy cookies. Are you kidding me?" he said. "life of a student" I said laughing at his reaction. "I'll order chinese food, my treat." he said. "you know I can't wait to be with you." I said hugging him.

**Spencer's P.O.V**

After I ordered the chinese I helped her decide on what makeup to where to her graduation. "I didn't know one person can have this much makeup." I said laughing. She laughed, "Yah I have alot. Are you sure this is what you like?" I picked something very simple for her. I chose a light pink shimmery lip gloss and some mascara. She looks beautiful with just simple make-up. Well at least I think she does. She will tell you she looks like she just rolled out of bed. I can't wait to date her. suddenly the doorbell rang. "Hey spence can you get that?" she asked from the closet. "course jewels." I said walking down the hall to the door. I call her jewels because I just didn't like calling her julia I wanted a nickname for her. She loved it. I looked through the peephole to see the too see none other than the delivery girl. "Hi" she said. I smiled at her. "your total is 27.50." "thanks" I said. I closed the door and called Julia for dinner. "Where do you want to eat?" I asked her. She has a beautiful glass dinning room table but she never used it. "In here is fine, we can watch something on t.v." she called from the bedroom. Julia didn't have a T.V. in the living room because she had to have the t.v. on when she went to bed. I walked down the hall to see her dressed in some sweats and a t-shirt from pink. She had no makeup on and she just had her long redish brown hair hanging down her back. I think that is when she looked most beautiful. I sat down on her bed with the food. she grabbed her food and started eating. After we finished eating. "Spence,?" "yeah?" "can you just stay at my place tonight. I have been having really bad nightmares. I actually need to get some  sleep big day tomorrow." she said. "Of course."  she snuggled into me and I put my hand around her very protectively. I really did love her. I couldn't wait to see her graduate tomorrow and become one of us. I fell asleep to some show called Family Guy. I thought it was so dumb but it made Julia laugh. So I figured why not. I fell asleep thinking about Julia.

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