Hi! My name is Julia. This is my story. Julia has been through a lot. Until she meets the dreamy Dr. Spencer Reid.
**I DO NOT own any of the criminal minds characters only the story and the make up characters.**


8. trust

I woke up breathing heavily remembering the knife to my wrist. My arm was covered in blood. I saw Jonathan desperately trying to stop the bleeding. I just kept bleeding through the bandages. I heard him muttering to himself. "This wasn't suppose to happen. What am I going to do. This would have never happened if my dad was here. What have I done. I have to stop the bleeding she can't die." Suddenly he grabbed my hand squeezing it tightly showing remorce. "Please Julia you can't die." I saw the guy I fell in love with again. Or at least I thought I did. But somewhere deep in the back of my mind I knew he was gone. He had blood on his hands. My blood. " Please Julia." In fact he was covered in my blood. I couldn't speak. I could barely breathe. Maybe this is for the best I thought. Jonathan was now crying. I wanted to love him again I wanted to so bad. But I couldn't I knew this would happen to me again. I finally found my voice. "Please....Jonathan......Let......Me.......Go." I said breathing in between words. "I love you" He said tears streaming down his face. I could tell he meant it but the real question is can I trust him.

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