Hi! My name is Julia. This is my story. Julia has been through a lot. Until she meets the dreamy Dr. Spencer Reid.
**I DO NOT own any of the criminal minds characters only the story and the make up characters.**


11. The End

**Spencer's P.O.V**

"Well I have an IQ of 186. I can also read 20,000 words per minute. I too, have an eidetic memory. I graduated from LSU with a doctorate, and I was training in Quantico to be a FBI agent for the BAU." she said. "I am graduating in two days." "You wanted to work in the BAU?" I asked. I have to admit I was excited I would get to see her everyday. "yes." She said. "why?" I asked her. "well my dad was a serial killer, he killed my mom. And I could do nothing about it. My ex was a serial killer I had no idea but I remember sitting on the couch and seeing his picture and thinking I want to be able to put him in jail. You know?" She said. "yeah I know......wait you knew your boyfriend was a serial killer and you dated him anyway?" I asked truely intrigued. "well one he told me his name was Jonathan the guy on TV's name was matthew. So yah." She said. "so why did you join the BAU?" She asked. God she was beautiful! I thought "well I don't know I just decided to." I said. I had to admit I didn't have a back story as to why I joined the FBI like she did. "you know you remind me alot of myself." I said. "yah, so tell me some other things about you." "well, my dad left when I was young. I was bullied alot and my mom is schizophrenic. So yah not a great childhood." I said. Then she kissed me. Her warm lips on mine. I didnt pull away. I didnt want to. I never wanted to really kiss anyone but her I wanted to.

**Julia's P.O.V**

I kissed him! I was squealing like a little girl on the inside. He wasn't pulling away. I wanted to kiss him so bad. So I just went for it. He liked me. I could tell. And I liked him so I just went for it. And it worked. I liked this guy alot. I hope we will end up together.

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