Hi! My name is Julia. This is my story. Julia has been through a lot. Until she meets the dreamy Dr. Spencer Reid.
**I DO NOT own any of the criminal minds characters only the story and the make up characters.**


9. Meeting the Doctor

No I can't. Even if I could I will never be able to stop seeing this side of him. I was remembering when him and I first met. Our first date to the olive garden. One of the best days of my life. I thought he was the one. The way he kissed me. It was magical. All of a sudden three people came busting through the door. "FBI put your hands in the air!" "Jonathan didnt look up didn't even move. "get up!" Yelled a man with big muscled that had kicked down the door. Jonathan got up never leaving my side. The man that had yelled at Jonathan walked over put your hands behind your back he said forcefully grabbing Jonathan's wrist. " you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney if you cannot afford one, one will be provided to you. Lets go!" He said forcefully shoving Jonathan out the door. A tall man probably 24 walked over to me. "hi" he said very calming. "Julia right?" He said. I nodded. "My name is Spencer Reid. I am with the FBI. We are here to help you. I am going to get you to the hospital. I nodded. I couldn't see him very well my vision was getting darker by the moment. I could feel my self being lifted probably by the guy. Even though he looked skinny he had some muscle. "help me." I said. "Don't let me die. Please don't let me die." I said then suddenly darkness.

**Spencer Reid P.O.V**

When I saw Julia I was amazed by her beauty. But right now wasn't the time to be looking at her. She needed help. I picked her up. "help me. Don't let me die please don't let me die." The words kept playing over and over in my head. "I won't let you die I said. By then she had blacked out and I knew I had to go. I needed to find her help. I needed to get her to the ambulance. I knew I could run now. I wouldn't hurt her then since she had blacked out I wrapped my sweater around her wrist trying to contain the bleeding. I ran to the ambulance. Her wrist has been slit. I need you to take her to the closest hospital. I will go with and with that they put her onto the gurney and I pulled myself into the truck. "make sure she is okay" said Morgan. "I will. And I will call you if anything changes." And with that they closed the doors. And we were on our way.

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