Hi! My name is Julia. This is my story. Julia has been through a lot. Until she meets the dreamy Dr. Spencer Reid.
**I DO NOT own any of the criminal minds characters only the story and the make up characters.**


3. little did I know

I was sitting in my room. At that time I was 18. I was missing for a week and a half. I am now 19. Thats right I was in captivity on the day of my birthday. My life has not been good.I grew up with an abusive father. He used to beat me and tell me I was nothing. I ran away 4 when I was 14. I wanted to get away from my dad. You may be wondering what happened too my mom. Well my dad is a serial killer. He killed my mom when I was 8. I remember walking into their bedroom my dad repeatedly stabbing her. After that he had killed 454 women. That is why I ran away. Every time I told him to stop or tried to go outside, he would pull me back inside and beat me repeatedly. I had a horrible childhood and it didn't get any better. I dated this guy for a little while. His name was Jonathan. Emily set us up. Our first date went great, he took me to Olive Garden. Then after he walked me home and kissed me goodnight. I texted him early the next morning and I said that I had a great time. He asked me if i wanted to go out again sometime and he said he would love too. I wasn't sure about him. I figured I would give him a chance. I thought that I had seen him from somewhere but I didn't know where though. I thought Jonathan loved me. He was always so nice. He brought me flowers took me on dates and made me feel special. I always had time for Jonathan. He was my world. One day he asked if I could go on a date with him. I obviously said yes I mean come on I loved him. I was so excited. However I didn't check my planner. I forgot that I had plans with Emily and Stephany.  I had no choice I had too call him back and cancel. I had plans with my besties first. I didn't want to cancel, but oh well So I called Jonathan. I said I was so sorry. He seemed sad but excepting. Little did I know he wasn't.

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