Hi! My name is Julia. This is my story. Julia has been through a lot. Until she meets the dreamy Dr. Spencer Reid.
**I DO NOT own any of the criminal minds characters only the story and the make up characters.**


10. Chapter 9

**Spencer Reid P.O.V**

It took 12 mins to get to the hospital. It felt like the longest day of my life. The ambulance ride was not short. It was consumes with the EMT's giving CPR to Julia. I couldn't do anything but look at her hold her hand and hope. She truly was beautiful. Come on Julia I thought. I had made a promise to her and I had to keep it. Finally the CPR worked. "Oh thank god." I said rather loud. They got the bleeding to stop. However she had lost alot of blood. When we arrived at the hospital doctors automatically opened the doors and took Julia in to the building. Another doctor took me to a waiting room. "she needs a blood transfusion and you can't be there so wait here and we will come get you after." She said. "Okay thanks." I said not wanting to wait her and do nothing. Why was I so protective of her?  I didn't even know her. I mean the first time I saw her she was lying in a pool of blood near death with a serial killer holding her hand. I was lost in my thoughts when the doctor came out. "Spencer Reid?" "here" I said. "follow me." he said. I followed her around multiple corners. We stopped at a room. "She said she wanted to see you." Said the doctor. "Okay." I said suprised she was up already. "thanks" I walked into the room to see her smiling at me. She was really pale, probably because of the massive blood loss. "Hi I am Julia Santos." she said very perky. "Spencer Reid." "I know you saved me." She said. "well I wouldn't say saved" I said. "You got me too that ambulance before I died. I think saved is the correct word." "Whatever you want." I said to her smiling at my shoes, and eventually laughing with her. "Please come sit down." She said patting the hospital bed she was sitting on.

**Julia's P.O.V.**

Spencer was quite handsome I had to admit. "Come sit down." I said patting the hospital bed I was sitting on. "I am normally better at attracting hot guys on better circumstances." I said. "Oh." He said smiling and blushing. I didn't know what it was about him but I liked him alot. "sorry you can ask all my friends I am very straight forward." I said. "I can tell." he said giggling. "sorry" I said. "No, I like it I think it is cute." He said now it was my turn to blush. "so tell me something about yourself." I said truely curious. "Um..well I"  "wait," I said cutting him off. "Can I call you spence. Spencer just seems to formal." "Of course." He said laughing. "Okay so continue." I said wanting to here more. "So I have a doctorate. I am considered a genius. I have an IQ of 187. I can read
20,000 words per minute and have an eidetic memory." He said. "What about you?" I was speechless he was so smart and so cute. I really did like him. I didn't know if it was because he saved my life. Or because she was smart and funny.

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