Canadian Stepbrother

Justin Bieber fan fiction
At the age of 5 my parents got divorced my Mom got full custody of me. With my Dad living in Canada and my Mom and I living in America it was easy for us to get out of touch. When my Dad goes for another custody battle 11 years later and wins. My life is suddenly changed with a step Mom and Famous step brother. Will the craziness ever stop.

Amazing Cover made by: NamesFromGraves


3. Chapter 3



The trip his Range Rover was anything but easy, who knew you could receive a warning ticket from not stopping before you go through a duck passing area.

A big bulky man who could easily be compared to the rock opened the backdoor for justin and I.

I flopped out onto the smooth leather seats, letting out a giant huff. "That was my cardio for the day"

Justin laughed, before leaning back in his seat. "How do you think I still have a 6 pack?" He said before pulling up his shirt and motioning toward a body I literally called the hottest thing in the world a couple weeks ago.

I mentally cringed, he is my brother now therefore his body could only be considered disgusting. I frowned at the thought, this might be hard.

"Soooo...." Justin drawled out trying to break the silence which I haven't even been aware of.

"Soooo...." I matched deepening my voice to match his mockingly

"We should play twenty questions, considering I don't know a single thing about you" he concluded with his forehead wrinkling in thought.

"Okay I'll go first" I stated leaning my head on the cool window. " When did you meet my Dad?"

This was something I genuinely  curious about, I don't know how he could manage the even meet the Beiber's or deal with all of those fans all day, everyday.

"I was about in gradeschool, when they started dating. They met at a volunteer place and just got along really well. My mom waited until they were serious to have him meet me, since it was kinda a big deal" he answered complely truthfully.

So Dad didn't wait that long to move on from us, not going to lie that kind of hurt.

"Okay my turn, what's your favorite color?"

I let out a snort, followed by laughs that could be considered anything but pretty. "That is literally the most  cliche question in the history of the universe"

"So, what" he replied with a shrug, a small tint of red covered his cheeks.

"Well mister original, it's brown" I answered looking down now in embarssment. Brown wasn't exactly a color most people would like, or even consider in their top 20.

Now it was his turn to laugh "Brown really" he exclaimed out of breath from laughing. He almost waited for me to say it was a joke or something, his laughter quickly dies down after he noticed I was serious.

"Why " he asked looking completely stumped.

"Well" I started "many good things are brown"

He waved his hand in way that told me to elaborate.

"Well don't you know when you are at the beach there's sand which is a beautiful glistening yellow nice and warm and cozy, but then there is also a clear tropical blue ocean perfectly cool to the touch. It's a tough choice in between the two, but where the two meet the sand is smooth, and soft, cold but not too cold either. It's  perfect mix in between two beautiful things. The smooth brown shows you can can't have everything wonderful in your life, but you can have a balance." I answered completely truthfully opening my eyes.

"Wow... so I guess that wasn't such a generic question then. I honestly thought you were just going to say chocolate or something"


I finally updated this story, that's crazy right! I honestly really love this story plot I don't knew why I stopped writing it a year ago. But I will try to update more often for this one.

If you do like this story, or maybe even hate it just leave a comment why you love it or hate it, it means a lot thanks

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