Canadian Stepbrother

Justin Bieber fan fiction
At the age of 5 my parents got divorced my Mom got full custody of me. With my Dad living in Canada and my Mom and I living in America it was easy for us to get out of touch. When my Dad goes for another custody battle 11 years later and wins. My life is suddenly changed with a step Mom and Famous step brother. Will the craziness ever stop.

Amazing Cover made by: NamesFromGraves


1. Chapter 1-

My family was considered average at one time. My Mother was a Nurse working night shifts in the ER and my father was never able to hold a stable job. I guess my parents got bored of an average American life, because when I turned the age of five, my parents decided it was the perfect time to get divorced.

With my Father lacking a job it was an easy win for my Mother to win the custody battle. She got full custody of me until my Father was able to hold a stable job. He moved back to Canada where his family was and my Mom and I stayed in New York City.

With so much distance separating us my Father's life become non existent in mine, it was easy to forget everything about him and not keep up on where his new life took him. Which left me completely unprepared for 2 weeks ago when we received a letter from a judge requesting my Mother in court for another custody battle of myself Britannia.

Along with the many things my Parent's could never agree on was my name. My Mother wanted me to be named Brittney and my Father much preferred the name Annia. which somehow mushed together to my "wonderful" name.

Yesterday was the final decision of the custody battle. With my Father's strong argument that he has not been able to be a part of my life at all. The Judge easily gave his Joint custody, but the final deal was that I would live with him for the whole year then I would decide if I would like to continue with a joint custody or go back with living with only my Mother.

Today I am being flown over to Canada to live with my dad and his new family. He informed me a couple days ago that he remarried to a Woman named Pattie and she had a son a couple a couple years older than me who they never mentioned the name of.

"Mom I'm going to miss you so much" I said my eyes finally tearing up

"Brit you are going to be fine and have an amazing time I am going to miss you so much! But I don't want you to worry about me just have an open mind when you go." She said with a tear rolling down her face

" I will I promise" I said holding out my pinkie "I pinkie swear"

"Flight 324 please report to terminal 2, the plane with be leaving in 10 minutes"  The loud speaker announced

"Brit before you go I got you a little something, don't open it till you are on the plane okay" she said slipping a small shiny box into my hands

"Okay I will"

"Last call 2 minutes till flight 324 leaves" Said the loudspeaker for the last time

"I guess this is bye, I love you Mom" I said giving her a big hug

"I love you to, make sure to call when you land" She said wiping a tear then waving goodbye.

I waved one last time then proceeded to the terminal. 

"ticket please" Said the Lady

I handed over then followed her into the plane and sat down in a first class seat.

"Dad must be making good money to buy me first class tickets" I thought to  myself 

"only 8 hours to go" I thought before putting in a earbud  dozing off to the sweet sound of Justin Bieber's new single Love yourself.


"Hello miss we have arrived in Ontario" said the Flight Attendant genitally waking me up

"Oh okay thank you" I replied getting up and grabbing my carry on bag.

"Oh Miss before you go we were instructed to warn you, there is some sort of celebrity in the airport today so there are some serious crowds of fans so be careful" she said motioning toward the exit

"Okay thanks for the warning I guess" I replied walking out of the plane, I thanked the pilot then walked into the airport. The flight attendant was right there were a lot of fans, there were a bunch of girls everywhere scraming constantly.

I put my earbuds back in a continued towards the luggage area. I saw my familiar purple suitcase with a neon pink Eiffel Tower key chain hanging on the side. 

"Okay now he said he would be waiting right here" I muttered under my breath getting slightly annoyed that he wasn't here.

I pulled out my phone to text him.

Britannia- Where are you I don't see you anywhere 

Dad- Sorry Pattie had an unexpected meeting so I won't be able to pick you up, but don't worry I sent your step brother to pick you up

Britannia- Don't worry it's fine, what does he look like???

Dad-  Tall blonde hair golden brown eyes wearing white t shirt and blue jeans and has a giant sign with your name on it

Britannia- Okay thanks

I looked around for someone who matched that  fairly generic description. 

There was a large crowd of girls screaming on my left by the food court.

"I guess I might as well see whats happening since I can't find him anywhere" I thought to myself.

I walked over the the crowd and pushed my way through, in the middle was a boy around my age with blonde hair and a white shirt and jeans. I couldn't get a good look of his face since he was facing away from me, and a couple of buff guys were hawked around him blocking most of my view. 

"Who is that" I asked the girl next to me

"IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER" she yelled over the noise

"Justin Bieber" I replied surprised

As soon as I said his name he suddenly turned around and we made eye contact

"he has golden brown eyes" I thought myself

I looked down at what he was holding. It was a giant poster board sign that had Britannia Brightson Welcome Home written in big bold letters.

"Wait that's my name" I said out loud not really processing the situation 

He then pulled out his phone and looked down at a picture and then relief flashed in his eyes.

He then whispered something in one of the buff guys eyes and pointed towards me.

I started backing away and they started trying pushing through the crowd 

I quickly speed dialed my Dad, and he picked up on the third ring

"Hey Britannia did he finally find you" he asked as I looked back to see Justin, the buff guys, and now a crowd of screaming girls yelling something like I don't deserve him chasing me.

"Dad there is a mob of crazy people chasing me"I yelled into the phone 

"Help me please" I yelled into the crowd

I bumped into someone and my phone got knocked out of my hands shattering on the impact. I decided it wasn't worth it and kept on running.

"okay I need a plan" I thought to myself 

" I can grab a taxi that's what I can do" I thought before aiming my running towards the exit which seemed too far away for me to make it.

I looked back again there was no sign of Justin just a couple of the buff guys trying to hold back the girls who kept on yelling death threats at me.

I turned my head back around and before I processed anything I was grabbed and pulled into a family bathroom, whoever grabbed me slammed and locked the door shut.

On instinct I slapped the person trying to get away

"hey what was that for" a guy voice yelled 

I then noticed the person who pulled me into the bathroom was the one and only Justin Bieber

"Oh I am so sorr... wait a second this is all your fault you were the one chasing me" I yelled back

"Ugh I told George this was a terrible idea" he said running his hands through his hair

"Wait a sec your my stepbrother" I said suddenly piecing together everything 

"the one and only" he replied 

"How, what , when, why"

"I can explain that later, lets just try to get you to the my Range Rover" he said


hey everyone this is one of my first stories I hope you like the first chapter it ended quite abruptly but ii will be writing the next chapter soon 

please like comment and follow I love advice for how I can make my story better   

And this amazing cover was done by BLVEICE








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