❤️My poems~❤️

All poems made by Fantasygirl1 aka me please don't take them for they are mine copyright reserve by ™️©️ Fantasygirl1®️2014~2017


9. kingdom of hearts

is that all you wanted to asks

my life has been a piece heaven

my days whit you

i have no regret

to be whit you forever and forever

on that day i found a key

you said it was the key blade

you also said i have two

people in side of me roxas

and sora i did not believe you

until i some-ed the key blade

then i realize i need to fight

some weird things call heartless

you told me a little bit a bout

them you told me to closed my

eyes and i did i was in twilight town

deafening heartless and i had you by

my side we where close friends you surprise

me you could some-ed the key blade too

i fell in love with you you defeated the heart

less very well

you are a true kingdom of hearts master

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