❤️My poems~❤️

All poems made by Fantasygirl1 aka me please don't take them for they are mine copyright reserve by ™️©️ Fantasygirl1®️2014~2017


26. 💕~fight like a girl~💕

Fight for what is right let your wings take flight

Fight for a different life, stand up for what you believe in and let your star’s show.

Fight for to end world hunger.

Fight for world peace.

Fight for one step at a time everyone goes there own pace.

Fight against bullying.

Fight if you see the world different than others.

Fight against cancer don’t worry I believe in you can beat it trust yourself Heck I’ll be your safe net.

Fight like your running from something and don’t look back.

Fight against animal abuse.

Fight for equality

Fight for happiness

Fight for Courage

Fight for love

Fight for friendship

Fight to be you

But most importantly fight like a girl who just ran a Marathon.

Fight like a girl.

Sincerely ~ me

This poems book Is officially done I will make another one really soon


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