❤️My poems~❤️

All poems made by Fantasygirl1 aka me please don't take them for they are mine copyright reserve by ™️©️ Fantasygirl1®️2014~2017


20. ✨~Don't be a hero for me!~ Signed your litte Red Robin

Don't be the hero all the time for me

I may be a damsel in distress and all way's crying.

Because I need you by my side

But I don't need you to save me not this time

I can always think of a way out of This steel glass Robin bird cage

lock picking the lock or try to slide through the bars maybe use my sword to cut it but it will always bounce back.

And I will always be pushed back on the ground with it .

I try to go through the bars but I allway's get electrocuted by them.

I will not wait for you I will Not give up.

until I see you again  safe in your arms.

So warm and loving the smile of happiness. Shining brighter than ever before.

the bars of the steel glass Robin bird cage broke in two

Even when the dust settles I know that voice

My heart hurts a little bit for not being able to save myself.

I walked into my knight in shining armor arms crying but happy that he is here.

"it's all right my dear I'm here " he said

As he was Touching her red hair

So soft, and red like fresh strawberry's in May Her lips the same color

He couldn't help but kiss her

She kissed back passionately

Then when the knight open his eyes

He could not believed what he had saw

A little red Robin was in his hands.

Where was the damsel in distress he had saved earlier?

The one in who was all ways in his arms

The who allway's said I love you so much

He looked into the litte red Robin eyes.

So full with fire and gold. 

It looked at me once more.

And flew away from me.

See you again my little Red Robin.

Maybe in Spring when the cherry trees blossom.

I will be waiting for you my little cherry bird.

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