❤️My poems~❤️

All poems made by Fantasygirl1 aka me please don't take them for they are mine copyright reserve by ™️©️ Fantasygirl1®️2014~2017


12. Dear no one

This is to my dear no one

Dear no one I hope I find you one day

And be happy with you forever

I hope that you  chases all the big crowds away

Because I'm not a fan of crowds 

I like a little bit of space 

When I'm done looking for my future someone

I hope you can make me happier loved and safe in your arms.

I know you and your friends can be idiots at some time. But it mostly you at some times

But mostly you are all I have left.

love me for me and the things I do

And in return I will love you forever and always❤️

I hope we get married in the future and I will be  happy you will be with me forever.

Let the past be in the past and present be in the present and future be in the future.

Because my dearest no one your all that matters to me❤️


~ Dear someone 

Inspired by Tori Kelly  Dear No One

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