''Little Dragon''

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  • Published: 25 Nov 2016
  • Updated: 25 Nov 2016
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I wrote a poem that gives hope and courage to those who need it,including me. Never doubt yourselves, always love yourselves no matter what.


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                                                                            Little Dragon


                                                                Their roar used to scare me

                                                                Long before I have discovered

                                                                A little sleeping dragon,nestled in my heart

                                                                That helped me to recover.



                                                               Their voices cannot silence anymore

                                                               My steps toward my written destination

                                                               They are paper tigers-nothing more,

                                                               From my dragon running for salvation.



                                                               Their words are so vain and empty

                                                               I learned to mute them off,so they can't hurt me

                                                              And every time I face a challenge,

                                                               I call my sleeping dragon to wake up and help me.

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