Falling For The Best Friend

How a girl falls for her best friend.


1. Meeting him

   I woke up to get ready to go to school. I slowy get up than walk over to my desser to get my clothes. That morning I didn't want to go to school. After getting ready I put in my headphones and walk out to my bus stop. As I sit there waiting for my bus my phone vibrates. Its my best friend texting me 'Hey Bitch. You better be up and at your bus stop.' I just smile and put my phone back in my pocket. Soon the bus ges there and I get on. We soon get to the school. I head in and go to my friends. While my friends hangout and talk I just sit there with me music. Soon a friend walks up with him. I look up to see him looking at me.  He than turns to my friend and asks who I am.  She tells him I'm the quite one of the bunch. He than walks up to me and puts his hand out for me to shake.  I take out my headphones than shake his hand.  He than smiles and says his name is Richard. I smile and tell him my name is Sam.  He asks if I want to hang out at lunch. I just say sure. Than the bell rings for first period to start.  He says see you than.  Let's meet here.  I just smile and than head to class. 

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