Falling For The Best Friend

How a girl falls for her best friend.


3. Going to his house to tell him

 A month passed and I decided to tell him how I feel. I started to go to his house to watch Supernatural with him like I do every Satuerday. On my way there I started to get butterflys in my stomach. I just ignored them. When I got to his house I walked in just like normal than I see him standing there in his kitchen making popcorn. I than smiled and said hey. He turned to me smiling and said hi. We hugged. I walked over to his couch after hugging him and sat down. I turned on Supernatural. He walked over handed me the popcorn and sat down also. After an hour or so I decided I was going to tell him right than and there. I started to blush. I waited so he wouldn't see that I was blushing. I paused Supernatural and told him there was something I wanted to tell him. He looked at me for a few moments than said okay tell me. I than blurted out that I like him way more than a friend. He smiled and said me to. I covered my face with my hands because I was blushing a lot. He moved my hands while still smiling and said thanks for finally telling me this. I laughed and said no problem. He than leaned over and lightly kissed me.  So I kissed him back and felt my face flush red. 

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