Falling For The Best Friend

How a girl falls for her best friend.


4. Getting him

 We soon quit kissing. Than he pulled me close to him and we started to cuddle. While we laid there he started to hold my hand and I smiled at it. I looked up to him and asked if this changed anything. He said only if I want it to. I just shook my head to let him know I want it to. He than said it's official than it does change things.  I smile and say finally. He just laughs a bit at that. Quit laughing I say to him and I sit up. He sits up also asking if everything is okay. I smile and say yes it is. He looks at me for a bit than he kisses me again. I kiss him back. He grads me and slowly lays me down while still kissing me. I let him lay me down while still kissing him. We laid there kissing for a long while. The whole time all I could think about was how happy I was to finally have him as mine. I also thought about how long it took for me to tell him. While I was thinking he had slowly gotten me without a shirt as for him also. 

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