Falling For The Best Friend

How a girl falls for her best friend.


2. Can't stop thinking of him

 While sitting in first period I soon catch myself thinking about him. The way he smiled. The way he smelled when he walked up to me. How tall he is.  How cute he is.  How nice he seemed to be. Soon lunch comes and I head to where he said to meet.  Walking up to the spot I see him than I smile. He turns to see me walking up and he smiles. He than asks if I'm hungry and want to go get food. I say yeah I am and let's get some.  He starts walking than turns to me and says I'll drive.  Okay I say.  We get to his car. We get in and he drives to Taco Bell. While we eat we sit there talking and getting to know each other. We had soon became close friends. We never split.  Some people soon started asking if we we're dating. We just laughed it off. After a few years of being friends I realized that maybe I was falling for him. I was talking for my best friend. I wondered for months if I should tell him. I never did though just because I was scared to ruin our friendship. After being his friend for so long I was still so scared to tell him how I fell about him. 

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