Don't say goodbye, yet.

Who are you?

Come on Jas it's Niall

I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number

Wait who is this?


Omg I'm so sorry I guess she changed numbers or something.

It's fine. Hope you can contact your friend.


No problem. Bye I guess lol.

Don't say goodbye just yet.


~ short chapters for the sake of building a plot please enjoy! ~


9. text 8

N - So where do you go to school?

L - Why do you wanna know?

N - no reason just tell me

L - Princeton

N - Ohh smart girl

L - Smarter than you!

N - Sassy too.

L - Lol

N - So your from America?

L - Born in Birmingham moved to America young.

N - So wait how did you know Diana?

L - Like I said born in Birmingham... Soooo I still had family in Birmingham so we visited a lot.

N - How come I've never met you then?

L - Maybe you did you just forgot

N - No I think I'd remember a pretty face.

L - What? You don't even know what I look like.

N - I don't have to, to know your pretty.

L - I'm pretty sure you have to see me first lol

N - Then I'll make sure I see you!

L - Yea no not happening

N - Why not?

L - Because I said so besides, your famous, people will talk and I'm not comfortable with me being open to the media.

N - I wouldn't let that happen

L - Don't think you'll have a choice

N - Hold on I have to go do something really quick I'll be back in no less than an hour I promise

L - Lol okay go live your crazy life.

N - Who knows maybe one day it will be yours too.

L - Doubtful..

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