Don't say goodbye, yet.

Who are you?

Come on Jas it's Niall

I'm sorry I think you have the wrong number

Wait who is this?


Omg I'm so sorry I guess she changed numbers or something.

It's fine. Hope you can contact your friend.


No problem. Bye I guess lol.

Don't say goodbye just yet.


~ short chapters for the sake of building a plot please enjoy! ~


6. Text 5

N - Well I kinda of went on tour with my band just before going to college


L - Oh so you're in a band?


N - Yea lol. We're actually pretty popular


L - Oh really? What instrument do you play?


N - Guitar mostly.


L - You better not be lying


N - Why would I lie?


L - Your story just seems a little faulty that's all


N -You seriously don't believe me?


L - How can I? I barely know you.


N - Trust me I'm telling the truth


L - Okay then what's your bands name?


N - If I tell you, you seriously won't believe me


L - What's your bands name??


N - One Direction


L - You're right I don't believe you


N - You're impossible


L - And your a liar


N - I swear to you I'm not lying


L - Okay then if your telling the truth and you really are Niall from One Direction then I have a question


N - Go right ahead


L - How old were you when you had your first kiss??


N - Huh?


L - Just answer the question...honestly


What kind of question is this? I mean I know the answer but how would she possibly know? I've never told anyone that story. The only way she could know that is if she was the girl but her name is Leah, and first kiss was with Diana the first girl I had a real crush on. And still I answered.


N - 12


L - No fucking way. You really are Niall...

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