From Darkness

When did we lose our way?
Consumed by the shadows
Swallowed whole by the darkness
Does this darkness have a name?
Is it your name?

-Disclaimer: This story is a sequel. Summary quote from One Tree Hill.


1. Chapter One

First Story:

Second Story:



The first thing I heard was the sound of boots tapping against the cement floor. The steps were even, and it was obviously more than one pair. The pain hit second. It started in my shoulder and worked its way through my arm so that even the fingers of my left hand were throbbing. The arm was draped over the back of someone’s shoulder, and it took a moment for me to find the other one, painless, but wrapped around shoulders on my other side.

My feet were harder to find. My legs felt numb and cold, and I couldn’t control them. My chin rested against my chest, and I struggled to lift my head to figure out where I was. One, two. Three, four. I felt my feet, dragging along on the cement, bare and burning as they carried me through the hallway.

I was in a hallway that stank like must and stagnant water. There was a dampness in the air that exacerbated the chill and made it burn. The scent of rust hit my nose, and I recoiled from the familiarity. I knew where I was. I knew where they were taking me. I twisted my fingers and tried to get free.

“No,” I said. It was the only word that managed to make its way out of the darkness.

I tried to fight to get away, but I was too weak from cold and hunger. All I could do was squirm until they stopped me. Someone moved forward and opened the bars of my cell. I could hear the squeak of old rusted metal as the gate swung open.

They shoved me into the darkness, and I hadn’t regained my footing. I hit the cement and scrapped my chin when my mangled arm failed to catch me on time. I could hear the gate squeak closed again and they said nothing. I listened to the sound of their boots fading down the hallway. I tried to push myself up and found the position that was always the most comfortable to me. Even there on the hard cement floor in the freezing cold. I lifted my knees and tucked my arms between them. Then I rested my head and shivered.

The blood oozed hot and metallic out of the wounds on my shoulder. I could feel it sliding down my arm and pooling at the crook of my elbow. I wanted to move to clean it off. I wanted to wrap something around the shredded mess of skin and muscle before I bled to death, but I couldn’t get myself to move. I didn’t care if I died there. I didn’t care if they won. I just wanted the pain to stop. I wanted to get out of the darkness.

I heard the shift of fabric, and that was all that alerted me to the fact that I wasn’t alone. Like he’d been standing there all along, and I just didn’t notice him until he shifted.

“Why are you here?” I asked with chattering teeth. He took a long time to answer, and there was a brief moment where I wondered if I was talking to shadows. But then I heard him shift again. A boot hit the floor quietly as he adjusted his feet.

“They asked me to watch you,” he said. His voice was low so that it was barely louder than a whisper. I wouldn’t have made it out over the sound of my own chattering teeth if the cells weren’t so silent already.


“I could hear you screaming—from down the hall.”

“How unfortunate for you. To have to deal with that,” I replied dryly. “That still doesn’t explain why you’re here.”

I lifted my head as he approached my cell. His boots tapped along, so quiet they didn’t echo, but audible in the otherwise silent cavern. He was carrying something in his hands, but it was too dark to see what it was. All I could make out was the metallic glint on his arm as the metal reflected the single light from down the hall.

“You looked cold,” he told me as he slipped the object through the bars. He nudged it toward me with the tip of his boot, and I could feel the rough, scratchy fabric touch my toes.

I reached for it like a starved man being offered food. He walked away as I unwrapped the blanket. I didn’t thank him. I wouldn’t. And I wasn’t sure why he was giving me a blanket except that they must have ordered him to. I’d figured out fairly early that he only talked to me when they ordered him to. He did what they told him to do. And nothing more.

The blanket unrolled and permeated the air with the scent of dust. My fingers brushed against something he’d wrapped inside. Something hard and sharp that I was confident they wouldn’t have wanted me to get my hands on. I wrapped my fingers around the hilt and looked back out into the darkness. If he was still there, I couldn’t see or hear him. They may have ordered him to bring me the blanket, but I don't think they wanted him to slip me the knife.


I have... a sequel. *Gross sobbing*

This story tried to kill me. But I prevailed.

I'm not going to say much. Just that I hope you guys like it. I'm really nervous but I'm trying not to be so hard on myself anymore.

Also, there probably aren't going to be as many flashback chapters this time around. Unless there's something I feel needs to be made clearer. Since the last two chapters had flashbacks that were (usually) unreliable and false, this one will (hopefully) clear those up. This is, yes, a flashback chapter/prologue. But the story will get underway in the next chapter. I usually update on Tuesdays when I'm not as busy. But it depends.

I hope you guys like it. :)

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