On Top of Maddox High

Karma James is pretty, popular and rich. She is queen bee.
Natalie O’Riley is Daddy’s little girl. She can anything she want with a snap of her fingers.
Calum Wilson is handsome, dark and mysterious. He knows your secrets before you do.
Mason Taylor is bad-ass and athletic. He could beat you up with both arms behind his back.
Together, they make up the ‘Popular group’ of Maddox High. Sure, on the surface they seem calm, collected and cool but if you dig a little deep, you’ll be surprised at what you find.


2. T W O

Kasey's POV:

"Calum, Mason and Karma I want you three to pair up with Kasey,"

"But sir..."

"But sir nothing you are going too,"

"Yes Mr Vinson," I walk over to them and they look at me as if I'm the walking dead I just sit there and say nothing and the girl Karma says "Where are you from?"


"Karma I don't think he'll be good in sex baby," Calum says to her

"So? who says I wanted sex with him?"

"Don't you?"

"No! no affect Kase can I call you that,"

"Sure and none taken," 

"Can you help us with something?"

"Sure what?"

"Can you come to the party tonight,"


We get on with the work I mostly do it because they are popular kids everyone knows popular kids don't work at school and get into trouble all the time we're (I'm) working on a kissing booth and I'm not working on it at all but who would mostly girls though the bell goes for break "Kase!"


"Sit with me okay?"

"Okay," I walk with Natalie, Karma, Calum, Mason, Tyler and some other kids to the cafeteria and we sit and eat lunch then I spill my drink on Karma which was a accident

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