The flute of Rydella

(Movella 1)
The last vampire by Christopher Pike
My own version


1. Hardest part

The hardest thing I ever had to do was let my husband and daughter Rama and Lalita go that night I didn't want to but I did it for them after learning that I was a destraction for his real wife I couldn't do it anymore. I walk my house and see my new husband Joel cooking I only learned he can cook a couple of months ago he is cooking dinner and I see a letter on the table "Who's this?"

"It's addressed to you,"

"Oh, okay then," I open the letter

Dear Sita

I need your help the flute of Rydella is missing and that is extremely dangerous to all kinds I need your help to find it and return it the flute can only be played by Yankarah herself or one of her offsprings but she only had a daughter who died years ago so we need it back immediately contact me if you want to do it I'm sending someone to help you Thank you Sita 

Kind regards 


Joel asks what the letter is about then there is a knock at the door and I answer it and it is Krishna's best friend Arjuna I let him in and I introduce the men to each other then we eat dinner 

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