New Love?

This is a story about a new girl that all eyes go on. But there is one set of eyes she remembers from years past. Does he know her? Does he remember what happened? What will happen?


3. Chapter 2.



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Here is chapter 2!



Emma's POV:

"Well, let's see. I want to be either a teacher, a bartender or a tattoo artist after I leave school. I love to read and I moved here because it is a better district and I can now drive to school. I have always loved the color blue and I have a dog named D.O.G. (dee-oh-jee). So yeah, anything else?"


"Nope that's perfect." Ms. Daniels says.


The class goes on and I go from class to class. Finally 9th period. I walk into art, Mrs. James walks in and says that because some people dropped out and I was new the class is changing seats. After everyone had a seat she told everyone to introduce ourselves to the person next to us because they are going to be our new partners for the rest of the year. I see that where she called my name sits a tall, kinda cute guy. I walk up and sit down.


"Uh hi," I say. "Hey, I'm Bryce," he says. "I'm Emma." We shake hands and turn to face Mrs. James. "Okay, so I would like each of you to pull out your phones, came on I know you have them." Mrs. James says. We all pull out our phones. "I would like you all to give your partners your numbers so you can start on your first project."


After class Bryce walked me to my car. He asks if we could go get dinner sometime. I reply with "Well I am free tonight if you want. My mom will be thrilled she literally prays every night that I will make friends." "Well then It would be my pleasure to take you tonight," he says. "Sounds like a plan," I say. "Alright, I will pick you up at 8?" he asks. " Yeah. I will send you my address."  I say. He opens the door like a gentleman and I get in the car. As I drive away I see him wave and walk away to his car. 


I get home and my mom asks me about my first day. I tell her that I am going to dinner with someone in my class to talk about an upcoming art assignment. She is so excited, she wants to help me get ready and I tell her that I am a young woman and I am making my own decisions for tonight. After that comment, she just says "Okay but don't come home drunk or pregnant,"


~A Few Hours Later (6:30)~ 


Welp, I guess it is time to get ready. I take a shower and I dry my hair and curl it. I do some light make-up and winged eyeliner. I wear a navy dress that flares out at the bottom and ends at knee level. I get some black heels and look in the mirror and realize it is 7:50 Bryce will be here soon. I tell my mom he is almost here and she gets really happy. She says she wants to meet him. I tell her that it is up to him. I see him pull up and get out and hold two bouquets in his hand. He rings the doorbell and my mom answers the door. Bryce hands her some flowers and hands me the other set. My mom talks to him for a while until I say it was time to go. 


The night was amazing we went to some Italian restaurant and shared some delicious food and he bought some ice cream that we shared. It was amazing. We drove to a park and got out and walked around for a while and after it was like 11 o'clock we decided to go back to my house. He walked me to my door and kissed my hand. I gave him a hug and said thank you and kissed his cheek. "See you tomorrow," he says. "But it is a Saturday tomorrow," I say. "Yeah so maybe we can start on the project tomorrow," he says. "I don't know maybe," I say. "Goodnight," we both say. 


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