Angel on earth

Cara just started her life and now shes an Angel. But tjats not enough the other angels are not sure about her and doesn't trust her. She needs to find her wings but how can she do that? And how can she protect her loved ones if she doesn't kno what to do?
This movella is in the x-mas competition.


7. 6th of december

"Excuse me, but what are you talking about?" I asked them.

They just looked at me.

"Don't you know about the element power that is given to an angel when they die?" The girl half asked half answered.


"Oh. Every angel is given a power when they die. For example my power is earth because I died of an earthquake!" The girl said "this is Zander (she pointed at the blue guy) he drowned therefore he got water. This is solar ( she pointed at the red guy) he..."

"I can introduce myself!"

"Okay okay"

"As Terra said my name is Solar and I Burned inside my school and that's why I got the element fire. How did you die?"

"I drowned?"

"That's why you got a blue stripe I said so"

"That means?"

"That means you're water!"


"But how did you drown?"

And then I told them my story. Suddenly I felt awake.

"There were one with you in the car?"

"Yes my boyfriend Seth. Why?"

"That's not good and you're the angel that means..."

"That means...?"

"That means you got to heaven and he got to hell."

I gasped

"So he's...

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