Angel on earth

Cara just started her life and now shes an Angel. But tjats not enough the other angels are not sure about her and doesn't trust her. She needs to find her wings but how can she do that? And how can she protect her loved ones if she doesn't kno what to do?
This movella is in the x-mas competition.


6. 5th of december

"What do you think her element is?"

"I don't know maybe earth?"

"Or fire?"

"No. look at her hair!"

"Yeah it's blonde?"

"No at the stripe! It's blue she must bee...

The rest was a mumble cause I think I passed out again.

But where am I? And why do they talk about my hair?

"... she's waking up!"

"Look she also has ice blue eyes! That makes sense now"

"But she doesn't have the bracelet"

I finally woke all up i tried to sit up but I was to tired. I tried to focus my sight on something else than the lamps above me. I could now see the room. I thought at first that I was in a hotel or something but I were at a hospital because of the big window and the white bet/ table. It was actually really uncomfortable to lay on but i didn't mind because I was so tired.

I could see the people now. There were three different people. One girl and to guys. The girl had brown hair with a green stripe in it. She had a green top and a brown skirt on. She was really beautiful. The first guy hat silver blonde hair with a blue stripe in it. He had a blue sweater on and white trousers. The last guy had red/ cobber coloured hair but without any stripe. He had a red t-shirt and black shorts on even though it was winter. The all looked at me.

I sat up and whispered "what are you doing with me?"

The blue guy was the first one to break the awkward silence "we're finding out what your power could be and your hair and clothes says it's water.

I took a look down at myself and saw that I also look completely different from yesterday. I had a new dress on that was blue and white. My hair was tied back in a braid. But there in the middle of my hair were a blue stripe. Then I finally remembered all of the angels have a coloured stripe in there hair because of there element. But that means that my power is...

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