Angel on earth

Cara just started her life and now shes an Angel. But tjats not enough the other angels are not sure about her and doesn't trust her. She needs to find her wings but how can she do that? And how can she protect her loved ones if she doesn't kno what to do?
This movella is in the x-mas competition.


1. 1: Prologue


"NO i don`t want to go there!" I yelled now. "I don`t like clubs at night you know that!"

"But it's your birthday and sometimes you need to try something new!" He yelled back to me

I became even more angry and mad than i were before.

"Its my birthday and i can make my own decisions and i say i don`t want to!" 

I looked out on the road in front of us.

"Look out!" I screamed and started panicking.

"What?!" He said and then he saw her. A girl on the road. He tried so bad to avoid her that the car drove out of the bridge.

It happend so fast that i didn`t even see his face...

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