To Forgive Or Not To Forgive

Your anger takes control as your rage is directed at the one closest to one you vowed to never have conflicts with. The dilemma is big as anger and revenge overpower mercy and forgiveness. Will you forgive...or not? Poem for poetry competition


1. To Forgive or Not To Forgive

That feeling,

That wound that keeps opening,

That anger,

Double, triple it keeps getting bigger


Remember the time when the bond was made,

When we promised to never betray,

Our ties were as pure as jade,

As all suspicions and doubt were locked away


You were there for me when I needed you,

And I did the same when you were in deep water,

We were one and yet we were two,

Because one’s weaknesses, the other’s strength could cater.


But now this torture will continue,

As this raging fire blazes on,

When will this anger due,

And who shall I put it upon?


One-third of me wants to forgive,

But two- thirds makes it hard to achieve,

Both heart and mind in deep confusion,

What will be the final conclusion?


This is it, it definitely is,

The chance that we cannot miss,

Save the friendship, save it we must,

Before the bond crumbles to dust

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