Dumbledores Daughter


What is the life of Dumbledores daughter. Does anyone know? Laylean Dumbledore has gone through many things including whacked up relationships with the Weasley twins. Will she sort out her issues, and her love life?


19. Unregistered

I ran up the stairs to Fred's room. " wake up! Wake up!" I yelled, jumping on his bed. Eventually I yelled "aguamenti" and pointed the wand at his face, soaking him. We all laughed as he sat up. "What!?" He shouted. I gestured for him to follow and we ran to our spot. I turned into a mouse lemur and pressed the special knot at the base of the whomping willow. It froze and Fred walked through. I returned back to my human state and jumped into Fred's arms, just as the branches started to move again.

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