Dumbledores Daughter


What is the life of Dumbledores daughter. Does anyone know? Laylean Dumbledore has gone through many things including whacked up relationships with the Weasley twins. Will she sort out her issues, and her love life?


29. the hospital wing

I woke up, insanely confused. Then I saw my father, Fred, Harry, George, and a huffelpuff. "This young girl is named Shyla. She was the one who saved you. On the other hand.." I noticed they all had tears in your eyes. "why is there a wheelchair?" I asked, almost crying. This time George started talking. " Laylean," They were all crying now. " you'll never walk again." Harry ran to me and started gibbering. "Imsosorrythatwasmeantformeandyoushouldnthavecaoughtit," he took a breath. "Please forgive me." We had a conversation then the twins lifted me onto my wheelchair.

Fred's POV

I felt terrible. I saw her wake up, slowly and safely sitting up. Her eyes were still a beautiful grey-brown. She looked around and processed everything. Her father explained everything then she asked. I walked to her and said " You'll never walk again." My brother sat on the end of her bed while Harry ran up to her.

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