Dumbledores Daughter


What is the life of Dumbledores daughter. Does anyone know? Laylean Dumbledore has gone through many things including whacked up relationships with the Weasley twins. Will she sort out her issues, and her love life?


8. Honeydukes

Layleans POV

Honeydukes was so dark you couldn't see your own hand when it was inches from your face. Fred climbed up after me and scared me. I turned around and slugged him. " Ouch!!! What was that for?"he yelled. I covered his mouth and said "You know I don't like to be scared!" I whisper shouted. I took out the pouch I enchanted and started filling up the leather item until it was full. And that meant the pouch was about 100 LBS. In other words, A LOT! After a few minutes I jumped back into the passage way shouting for Fred.

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