Dumbledores Daughter


What is the life of Dumbledores daughter. Does anyone know? Laylean Dumbledore has gone through many things including whacked up relationships with the Weasley twins. Will she sort out her issues, and her love life?


3. Greetings

Carlea, my owl, almost fell of the trolley when Fred ran into me. Then the twins had a shoving match. One of them put his arm around me and said "ready Lae?" In a weird voice. "Nice try Fred. You need to work on your impression." I replied in a mocking voice. " Ha Fred! Hear that I'm a better George!" George said. I laughed but made sure he couldn't hear. " I want you to meet someone Lae, but it has to be on the train because it's about to leave." "Is it Ron?" I asked " you won't stop talking about how school won't be fun when he comes." George looked around quickly. " shhhh" he said in a whisper "he might hear you!" I rolled my eyes

Georges POV

It is so nice being able to just talk to Lae. When she left Fred said "I'm more attractive than you." I rolled my eyes. " we have the same face stupid" I shot back as she was coming. " ready? You wanted me to meet Ron," "yup let's go." I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the train. It was weird, my brother liked my best friend and I did too, but my heart belongs to Angelina....

Layleans POV

George dragged me towards the train and I stumbled up the steps. " come on, you take forever Lae! I actually want you to meet Ron." "I know George, you and Fred are brothers to me, so I want to meet your family." He smiled back at me and turned into a compartment. "Ron! This is Laylean." He looked up and studied me. " so this is the girl you..." And George covered his mouth. "Ouch, Ron that hurt!" He yelled as he studied the bite marks on his palm. I laughed. "I'm gonna find Ella Bagshot, Later!" I took of running and skidded to a stop outside her compartment. I turned to go in but ran into a door.

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