Dumbledores Daughter


What is the life of Dumbledores daughter. Does anyone know? Laylean Dumbledore has gone through many things including whacked up relationships with the Weasley twins. Will she sort out her issues, and her love life?


33. Good Friends

He came up to me and sat down, so close that he was practically on my hip. I leaned into him and he put his arm around me. "Cry if you need to. I won't judge. This was a horrible thing that happened." I leaned into him and started bawling.

He hugged me tighter and tighter comforting me more and more. "We need to find it." I said into his shirt, not looking up. " we're putting the school in danger." He looked at me. " Dumbledore hid it. I have been meaning to tell you." I nodded and fell asleep.

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