The wrong turn

Horror film of a group of people how took a wrong turn


3. its watching

I was thinking to my self should I keep looking or should I run I don't know what to do im bored scared and worried about my friends what should I do I look be hind my self thinking something is watching me im afraid what should I do am I going to die out here !HELP! I hear out of the blue I thinking in my head what should i9 do ran towards or run away omg help me god I hear out of the blue again god cant help u now and a sneaky laugh I run as fast as I can but I feel like im not moving at all I looked back im staying still I cant move help me bam a man walking slowly towards me omg help help help I hear another voice James u there buddy its Greg im here help me I see Greg he runs towards me I drop to the ground I can move now Greg asks me a question what happened and I told him I don't know.

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