The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


11. Toby Gets A Call

A week later Arabella and Jacob fly to Virginia, and the band and Toby fly back to Australia. The day they leave Toby got a call from his friend Liam.

Toby- My phone is ringing so I pick it up, "Hello. This is Toby, may I ask who is calling?"

Liam- "It is Liam! How are you?"

Toby- "Hey Liam! I am good, how 'bout you?:

Liam- "I am doing ok, I miss you a lot."

Toby- "I miss you too. Is it okay if I call you Boo?"

Liam- "Sure, I wouldn't see why not? Are you in Australia yet?"

Toby- "Yes sir, I flew in tonight. Are you back in Australia?"

Liam- "Yes I am, would you like to hang out tomorrow maybe? I am off for a while."

Toby- "I would love too, the boys have other security guards they can call I am sure."

Liam- "You are a security guard? Nice for whom may I ask."

Toby- "Yes I am, for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer."

Liam- "Cool, so you will guard me well?"

Toby- "Yes Boo I will. Well, I better go, it is getting late. Night, see ya tomorrow, come pick me up at Sydney park at noon."

Liam- "Okay, night!"

So they got off the phone and went to bed.


Tune into the next chapter for "The Day"! Hope this story is not getting weird. 

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