The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


12. The Day

Today Toby and Liam meet up and go to Liam's house and do something bad.

Toby- "Hey Liam! How are you." I hugged him.

Liam- "Good, how about you sir?"

Toby- "I am good! Let's go to your house!"

Liam- "Okay, I m fine with that." We went to my house and we had lunch, then watched movies, ate dinner and drank a few shots to get drunk later at 8.

Toby- I started to kiss Liam and we walked to his room and took of our clothes. We started to kiss again and I pushed him on his bed. I got on him on we started humping each other. Our dicks were wiggling against each other and we started to cum. I sucked his dick and kissed him and he sucked my dick and we kissed again. We fell asleep after 1 hour of doing this.

Liam- We got up the next morning and kissed for 2 minutes. I then got up and went to get in the shower, and Toby came up behind me.

Toby- I went up behind Liam and stuck my dick in him and pushed in and out, then when I pulled my dick out he turned me around kissed me, turned me around again, and then stuck his dick inside of me, it felt so good. "Let's get in the shower now."

Liam- We got into the shower, turned it on and we started to kiss and wiggle our dicks against each other. We washed our hair, kissed a little more, then washed each other's bodies. We got out kissed and got dressed.

Toby- "Wanna go get lunch?" I asked him after we finished kissing.

Liam- "Sure, sounds good! How about Jamie's Italian?"

Toby- "That place is good, let's go!" So we went for lunch and then after went to play mini golf, then went back to Liam's house.

They got married two months later. Then, three months later they adopted a boy named Alexander. They lived Happily ever after!


Hope you liked the story. Sorry, it was so short.

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