The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


1. Studio

~Chapter One~
   There is this 22 year old drummer and his name is Ashton. He is in the band 5 Seconds Of Summer with Michael, Calum, and Luke. One day he was at the studio practicing drumming, then the other band members walked in and got their guitars. They practiced for a little bit, then they all went into one big room. In the big room they recorded one of their songs called Airplanes.

   After recording the song Ashton said, “This needs to be perfect for the cd, so we can practice once more then go home.”
    So after they practiced once more they went home and packed to go to America to ask their moms something. After they were done packing, an uber picked up Ashton. Then, the uber picked up Luke, Michael, and Calum. They were then on their way to the airport. When they got to the airport in Sydney, Australia, they had fans their yelling to them.



Authors Note~

Hope you enjoy this new story!

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