The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


2. Fans

~Chapter 2~

    Ashton got out of the car and yelled, “Everyone please be quiet.” After he asked that, everyone was silent. He then said, “You have to be quiet if you want us to play songs and take pictures with you.”

    Since everyone was quiet they gave their bags and suitcases to the workers at the airport and got chairs and sat down with their instruments. Everyone circled around them and they started to sing, “Airplanes cut through the clouds, like angels can fly, we’ll never die…”
    After they sang the song, they took pictures with fans that were being really quiet and not screaming. They had to go so they all yelled together, “Bye Australia!”



Authors Note~

Sorry the chapters are short, but the book will be a few chapters! Hope you like it!

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