The Band

Is a band named 5SOS that has a big adventure. Jacob Sartorius is a friend of the band, his girlfriend Arabella travels with Jacob and the band from Australia to California. Then They have a big fun adventure!


9. Asking Their Mom's

Ashton- So we got to our moms' house and we went inside. I then asked my mom- "Would you like to go with us to Scandia in Victorville, Ca? We are taking Arabella and Jacob there for an adventure."

Ashton's Mom- "No thx, not my thing, but you all have fun! Us mom's aren't going to go, you kids go there and have the times of your lives." After I said that I shook Arabella's and Jacob's hands.

Arabella and Jacob- "Nice to meet you guys!" We said and then we ate dinner over there and left to go to a special house that Ashton rented for everyone to stay at.

Ashton- We all went to bed early so we could wake up super early.


Sorry If this chapter was lame, the next chapter will be awesome, I hope!


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