Why Do They?


1. Why Do They?

You see that one girl?

She's as valuable as a pearl.

You see that one boy?

He's been used so many times, like an old toy.

They have nothing in common, so why do they love each other?

Because they know what it's like to be tossed, one after another.

Why do they love?

Because they know what it's like to be below someone who is above.

Why do they care?

They've had affairs.

That never stopped them though.

She puts on a show.

He makes art with his hands.

They take it to the bands.

'He's just another client' She says to herself.

So why does he look like this?

'What goes on through her head?' He would think to himself.

They work with the bliss,

As his hands are rough on her skin.

Her slender fingers caress his chin.

He forces her to lay,

They call this child's play.

They make a dance with their hands, with their feet, with their lips.

He stares at her transfixed.

Her skin, so white it could be transparent.

Makes him wonder, is this what he is to inherent?

She looks at him, her brown eyes full of something he could't decipher.

'You'll have fun,' She tells him after.

Painting the town red with their love,

Flying like fleeing doves.

Both wonder, 'Is this where I belong?'

As they stare as each other, their thoughts are cleared.

'This is where I belong.'

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