The Story Of Us

This is a story about me. I'm leaving specific names and places out of this story because I'm not out to ruin anyone's life. I'm not exaggerating or making anything in this story up. Yes, this all happened.


2. The Relationship Pushes; The New Boy

The girl was so relieved to leave the hell that was the house of her abuser. She didn’t have the strength to go home, so she walked across the street to her friend’s house. She walked right in like it was her own home. She wouldn’t dare tell a soul what happened.

She stayed at her friend’s house all night until the next day. She would randomly cry all week. She had to go back home and try to cover the bruise with as much makeup as needed. No one questioned why she wouldn’t leave her bedroom. Her body, littered with cuts and scars.

During this horrible time, she met a boy at school. He was very nice. He would always talk to her, and he would make her feel happy when her boyfriend did not. He was very sweet, but she was scared to talk to him. She was in fear that her boyfriend would find out and hurt her, or even worse, the new boy.

The abusive relationship pushed on. The girl started drinking and doing things she never thought she would. Her best friend was now an object to her. She would cut, drink, and sleep. That was her routine. She would barely eat. She felt like there was nothing left for her to be around anymore. She didn’t feel that anybody cared about her anymore.

The girl was about to snap. Something had to give. She was sitting in her living room with the blade to her arm, silently crying for help. She was about to push down when she heard a ding from her computer. She looked up to see she had a message from the new boy. She opened her hand and the blade fell to the floor. They messaged for a long time until the girl fell tired. That night she dreamt of the new boy.

The girl spent her time trying to talk to the new boy as much as possible. Her 15th birthday passed, and she was in good shape. She hadn’t hurt herself in a week. That was a new record. She and the new boy were best friends. They talked every day at school and messaged at home. She went to school and her boyfriend was talking to a girl. He was obviously flirting, so the girl was upset. She mentioned the incident and her boyfriend was red with anger. He called her names and walked the other direction

The girl sullenly walked to class, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. She let them fall. She was crying until she walked through the doors of her next class. The new boy knew something was wrong. He questioned her, but she kept insisting she was fine. He wasn’t buying it. She desperately tried to hide the fact she was hurting, but the new boy asked one more time, and she broke down. She told him about what happened and he consoled her the best he could. He told her that no one should treat her poorly.

The girl was constantly thinking about the new boy. The way he talked, when he called her pretty, the way his eyes lit up when they were talking. Him. He consumed her every thought. That night she walked to her friend’s house to hang out. Her boyfriend was in another city, so this was her chance to get out. She contemplated how to do it, but she knew it’s what she had to do.

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