The Story Of Us

This is a story about me. I'm leaving specific names and places out of this story because I'm not out to ruin anyone's life. I'm not exaggerating or making anything in this story up. Yes, this all happened.


3. Relationship Over; The New Boy Wins

This was her chance. The girl took out her phone and dialed that sickeningly familiar number. 1 ring....2 rings....3 rings... He answered somewhat concerned. He knew what this phone call was about. She calmly says she’s leaving him, but starts breathing heavily. He yells, cries, and threatens her, but she says it again more clear. He then realizes that she’s done with the abuse. He can’t control her anymore.

The girl hangs up her phone and falls to the ground crying. Happiness explodes from inside her. She was free. She could be happy again without repercussions. She could breathe. All of her friends were back, and she could live her life without being in fear. She instantly messaged the new boy and he was over the moon. He could have his chance.

The girl went to school the next day, and she was happy. Genuinely happy. She knew that she was okay. She could have the courage to talk to people and stand up for herself. She went to school and kept a look-out for the new boy, anxiously wanting to talk to him. She found him and giggled to herself. She went about her day without a worry in the world.

When the girl got to the library that morning, the boy was waiting in the same seat waiting for her. She smiled at him and they instantly started chatting. The teacher was looking at them happily, knowing the girl and the new boy were getting along just fine. He told her she was pretty and she blushed more than usual. She had a crush on the new boy. He was all she'd dreamt of having. She thought that nothing was going to come out of it. Little did she know, this boy was going to change her entire life.

A few days later, the girl and her friend were planning on going to a youth group. She invited the boy to go with them. He hesitantly agreed to meet them to go. The three were awkward, but the girl was always happy around him. They sat in McDonald’s until her friend’s mother came to take them to the church.

Youth Group was interesting. Everybody could’ve mistaken the girl and boy as a couple, not that they minded. Another ex of the girl was at the church. She had a rough time with him as well. She got anxiety just thinking about him. The new boy briefly knew about the past boyfriend, but he didn’t know how to help. As the ex got closer, the girl got more anxious. The girl’s friends urged the boy to hold the girl’s hand.

The boy nervously asked the girl for permission, and she blushed and nodded. His hands were so clammy, but the girl couldn’t have been any happier. Their hands were inseparable. The girl’s friends were thrilled to see the girl smiling again. Her friend’s mother came to retrieve the three. The kids got into the car and took off for home.

The girl and her friend were plotting for the girl to kiss the boy. Not on the lips, but a nice peck on his cheek. The boy was unaware as he stared out the van window. About fifteen minutes passed and the girl grew nervous. She knew it was then or never, so she leaned over and kissed the boy on the cheek softly. The boy turned more toward the window, for he was blushing like mad. They had barely begun holding hands. Neither of them could’ve been any happier.

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