The Story Of Us

This is a story about me. I'm leaving specific names and places out of this story because I'm not out to ruin anyone's life. I'm not exaggerating or making anything in this story up. Yes, this all happened.


4. New Relationship

About a week later, the boy invited the girl to his house. The girl had never been so nervous. The two had talked on the phone an endless amount of times. The night before was an exceptionally important phone call. They talked for about an hour when the girl confessed that she was falling in love with him. He was shocked to hear the girl say such a thing. He didn’t know what to say. He stammered a few times before saying the same confession.

The girl was ecstatic! She told her friend to stay the night to help her get ready. He was coming at noon, and it was already eleven. After trying on about twenty outfits, she was finally ready. She texted the boy that she was ready, and about ten minutes later he was there. The girl, her friend, and her dad went outside. As the fathers were conversing, the boy and the girl sat together on the step.

The girl hadn’t ever been so nervous. She never met the boy’s parents. She was excited, but scared. The girl walked around to the side of the truck with the boy. He opened her door for her, which impressed her as well as her father. She waved goodbye as they pulled away from her house. For once in her life, the girl was quiet. The boy was just as nervous.

The boy’s father explained that we had to go to a store to get food. In the store, the boy and the girl stood awkwardly, not knowing what to do. They got the groceries and went to the boy’s house. The girl was still silent because she wasn’t sure what to say. They got into the house, and the boy’s dogs were wild. They sniffed her everywhere. The boy and his family apologized, and they calmed the dogs down.

Sitting on the coffee table was a bowl full of the girl’s favorite candy, Skittles. She giggled and thanked the family. The two sat on the couch. They weren’t very close, but inch-by-inch the girl moved to be closer to the boy. He blushed and put an arm around the girl. She giggled and smiled a real smile. No one had seen that smile in a long time. They watched a few movies, ate some pizza, and had a great time.

At 8:40pm the girl kept looking at the boy until he got the hint. They kissed! Finally! It was a bit awkward, but the girl was on cloud 9. The boy and the girl kissed a few more times, but the girl was confused as to why he hadn’t asked her to be his girlfriend. They talked about it for a while, but he was scared. Then, at 8:46pm on November 14, 2015, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes.

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