The Story Of Us

This is a story about me. I'm leaving specific names and places out of this story because I'm not out to ruin anyone's life. I'm not exaggerating or making anything in this story up. Yes, this all happened.


1. How It Started; The Incident

Once there was a girl. She was 14, a freshman in high school. She was in an abusive relationship, but faked her happiness so she wouldn’t be criticized for staying with him. She thought she loved him. He would call her names, scream at her, push her around, force her to do things she wasn’t ready to do. He used her. Everyday she’s wear long sleeves to hide the cuts on her wrists. She wanted for everyone to think she was happy. Though in reality, she was trapped.

School started about a month into their relationship. She was haunted by the thought of being hurt. She couldn’t talk to anyone. Not her best friends, her family, anyone. If he didn’t know, she couldn’t talk. One day, he took things too far. About a week before her birthday, he asked for her to come over. The girl was curious as to why he asked, knowing he was grounded. He told her his parents knew she was there, but they did not. He and the girl were completely alone.

The girl was upset that he lied, but only because she knew what he wanted. He led her up to his room. The girl was faking happiness as she hesitantly followed him. When they got into his room she was trying to tell him no. He didn’t listen. He got what he wanted from her, leaving her sore and bleeding. There was a single spot of blood on his bed. He yanked the girl up and slapped her.

The girl let one tear slip out of her eye. She heard the front door open. His brother walked up the stairs. She frantically started dressing herself without crying, but the pain was so immense. Him and his brother were arguing, then there was silence. The brother came into the room and saw the bruise forming on the girl’s cheek. The brother looked between the two and shook his head. He told the girl to leave because his parents would be home soon.

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