The Story Of Us

This is a story about me. I'm leaving specific names and places out of this story because I'm not out to ruin anyone's life. I'm not exaggerating or making anything in this story up. Yes, this all happened.


5. Birthday Love

About a month into their new relationship, the boy was turning 18. He invited the girl over for his birthday. The girl agreed to go. She already bought him his gifts, but the most important one wasn’t there yet. She made him pictures and put them in with some of his other gifts. She heard the car pull up, so she ran to meet the boy. He wasn’t allowed to open his gifts until they were back at his house. They had to get pizza for his party. They went to Little Caesars to get it.

The couple walked through the rest of the store, gawking at all of the items. The girl bought a few things, then they went back to the truck. At the house, the two ate so much pizza that their stomachs hurt. They were racing to see who could eat more pizza. The girl decided since she was going to lose, she was going to have a little fun. She picked up one last piece of pizza and smeared it all over the boy’s face. He returned the favor until his mother stopped it.

Since it was New Year’s Eve, the city was celebrating as well. The happy couple went outside to enjoy some fireworks. They were smiling ear to ear and were holding each other. Everything felt right.  The couple kissed under the fireworks before the girl had to go home.

When the girl got home, she discovered that the package came! The boy’s biggest birthday gift had come. She was so excited that she called him right away. The boy begged his father to go to the girl’s house. The boy was very persistent, so the boy went to the girl’s house to receive his gift. He was thrilled when he saw his girlfriend standing there with a smile on her face. He opened the box to reveal his new shirt with his favorite football team’s logo. He put it on and hugged the girl tightly.

The couple continued to grow, learning more and more every day. They couldn’t be happier. They were absolutely inseparable. The love that the two had for each other was immense. October 21st, 2016, was the girl’s sixteenth birthday. She was so excited to turn sixteen. She’d been waiting forever. She got a new outfit that looks great on her. She got money from her step dad and grandma. She and her boyfriend went to dinner at the fanciest restaurant they knew. It was spectacular.

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