Forever love hayes grier


1. Chapter 1

Kayla p.o.v

I woke up to my alarm ringing it was Monday morning I hate Mondays it was 6:20 and I got up and got in the shower when I got out I went to my closet and I pick a a blue crop top and a pair of shorts then I went back to the bathroom and I got makeup on a little I hate makeup. Then I walk down stairs and grabbed my keys and my phone and my backpack and I got on the bus I love the mornings on the bus that's why I go to school then I saw my friends Ameila and Nash and hayes. I know hayes for my while life we'll Nash and Ameila too but me and hayes just did everything together so I was talking to hayes about Nash and Ameila breaking up and it we got to school and hayes always looks at me and It is weird and i ask him why he looking at me and he says because you are cute and I started to blush a little I had feelings for him and I always did and he look at me and he kissed me

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