The Hope That Never Came

A teenage boy suffers at the hands of his evil uncle, who is also a drugs dealer. With the power of drugs at his uncle's hands, can he ever get away? Finally, when he bumps into a beautiful girl, there is hope, but, will it be the hope that never came?


1. Prologue



            My heart beat wildly against my chest as perspiration thronged my back. My eyes were wide open as I gasped wildly for oxygen to fill my lungs. I stumbled a few steps backwards as my heart doubled its momentum.

          Right now, I’m on a balcony of a 15 floor building and I can eye cars zooming by below. Man, this is so scary!!!! Wait, what is this shiny object in my left hand? Oh my God, I force my lungs to suck in more oxygen in a huge gasp as I make out a pocket knife soaked in thick, dark red blood. At that moment, I realize that my entire shirt is also drenched in blood. What the hell is going on? Why am I holding a knife? Why is it covered with blood? Why is my shirt drenched red? And the million dollar question, whose blood is it? For it certainly isn’t mine!

          I shake my head in both confusion and frustration. Who am I? Why am I here? What the hell have I done? And most importantly, who the hell is that police officer sprawled on the ground over there?

          I notice that the officer is also covered with blood.  Wait, this should be HIS blood! How did it get on this knife….and MY SHIRT? Did I…..did I kill him? Well, no matter what it was, one thing was clear, all of this should not be happening and I was not supposed to be here. Wait, I frown as my ears pick up something. Oh my God, I need to get out of here. No, no, no! Fear, agitation and worry cover my chest like a thick, choking blanket as the sound of sirens wailing inches closer.

          I see police cars screech to a halt below. Officers start bolting to the main entrance. I only have a few minutes left before I’m found and my heart hammers against my chest at the thought of it. What should I do? Tears start rolling down my cheeks, frustration and anger attacking my chest. It shouldn’t be ending like this. I don’t even know anything. The first officer that reaches the balcony is in sight and a few more appear behind.

          “Freeze, do not move. Put your hands above your head, where I can see them!” I ignore the police officer’s command as I think hard about what my next move would be. It is set. There is only one thing I can do now and the stream of tears rolling down my cheeks intensifies. I must do it! I must be brave, I don’t want to be in prison for the rest of my life, I don’t want to live behind bars for something I didn’t do, I’d rather give my life to God than to the police and trust me, that was what I was intending to do! As the officers inched closer, I did it. I closed my eyes, adjusting my breathing to a steady rhythm. As the officers were about to grab hold of me, I jumped, I leaped as if gravity didn’t exist in this world and I knew that the police officers felt quite as shocked as I did that I actually did what I did, my dramatic leap all the way down 15 floors. I still managed to carve a smile on my face, my final smile of course and strange but comforting warmth soothes my heart as gravity slowly but certainly guides my body to the ground. I close my eyes, letting the last speck of tears drift away from my eyes as finally my body meets the ground below. That night, I achieved my true freedom. That night, I escaped. That night, I left the world.

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