The Hope That Never Came

A teenage boy suffers at the hands of his evil uncle, who is also a drugs dealer. With the power of drugs at his uncle's hands, can he ever get away? Finally, when he bumps into a beautiful girl, there is hope, but, will it be the hope that never came?


4. Chapter 3

I am in what seems to be the living room of a house. The floor is covered with green carpet, its surface soft as a kitten’s fur. A set of mahogany sofas are arranged in an ‘L’ shape facing the television set. A radio at another side of the living room is on, playing an old Dusty Springfield song. Everything seems normal and peaceful.  But something doesn’t feel right. I’ve been here before, but I’m not sure when. All I know is that this sense of déjà vu is really annoying. Where is this place? I really can’t remember.

          A photo frame of a picture depicting a family of three was hung on the wall just above the radio. A man around his 30’s was smiling jubilantly, his smart brown hair, bushy moustache and big round spectacles making him look even more handsome. A beautiful lady, also around her 30’s was also carved in a stunning smile. Her beautiful hazel eyes were just beautiful. A smart looking boy still in his early childhood stood between them, most probably their son. The picture depicted such a happy family.

          Outside, I could see rain pouring down from the window. A gust of wind chases leaves across the air and a thunder claps louder than ever from somewhere. Just then, a knock comes at the door. That’s weird, who would come during such a heavy downpour? The handsome man in the picture emerges from the hallway and goes to the door. I can’t really see what happened but a loud commotion starts and surprisingly ends as fast as it started. The lady and boy from the picture run from the hallway towards the door, panic driven in their eyes. The same man that had emerged earlier stopped them. His face was bloody, his hands had red stains and even his shirt was drenched with blood,


          “BLOOD!!! Peter, what happened? Oh, my God, Peter!!!” The woman burst in tears, fear for the death of her husband conspicuous in her eyes. The man rests a hand on the woman’s shoulder.

          “It’s not mine. Isabelle, don’t worry. Listen Isabelle, they are already here. Run, take our son with you. I’ll stall them for as long as I can.”

          Isabelle’s crying intensified. She hugs Peter and kisses him one final time. She took the boy and ran back into the hallway, most likely to the back door.  Peter runs toward the television set and takes out a revolver hidden behind it. He also takes a small paper from his left pocket and hides it behind the photo frame of the family picture. My heartbeat quickens as I anticipate what will happen next.

          Just as he puts the picture back in its original position, the door bursts open and a few men wearing black masks concealing their faces appear. Panic strikes Peter but he is lucky enough to dive behind the coffee table just in time as shots come flying toward him. Peter returns fire but is too late. A bullet had hit him, right at his left shoulder and blood starts pouring out. One of the masked men, most probably the leader orders to cease fire.

          “It’s over, Peter! This is the last chance I’m giving you. Do you accept my offer?”

          Peter springs up aiming his revolver right at the man’s heart.

          “Never!” Before the shot is even released, a dozen bullets meet his body and he collapses, defeated. No, he couldn’t give up yet. He had to stall enough time for Isabelle and their ten year old son to escape. He tries getting up but it is useless. He stays rooted, super glued to the ground.

          The masked men slowly approach the sprawled Peter, whose black shirt is now almost entirely red. The rain continues pouring, the wind howling for this to end. The leader takes aim at Peter, and the final shot, the shot that kills him for good, is silenced by another clap of thunder, and all I could do was watch, as all that tragedy unfold right before my eyes.


What was that? Something like a glass just crashed to the ground, but the only thing I see on the ground is Peter’s dead body. Something has just happened and I do not know what it is. What, on earth, is going on? 


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