The Hope That Never Came

A teenage boy suffers at the hands of his evil uncle, who is also a drugs dealer. With the power of drugs at his uncle's hands, can he ever get away? Finally, when he bumps into a beautiful girl, there is hope, but, will it be the hope that never came?


3. Chapter 2

Well, I don’t really know much about my parents. The only thing I ever got to know about them was that my father died when I was 10, and that my mum followed him to the other world 5 years later.  I was sent to my uncle’s place and he took care of me ever since. Yeah, ’took care’, I feel like laughing every time I hear these two words.

You see, the problem is, my uncle is a drug dealer. He is one of those high ranked persons that managed the syndicate. So you can probably guess how I got entangled in the drugs world and that is also why I need money, like, all the time. Yes, my uncle is a drug dealer but he is still a businessman, a very sly one too. Ok, I’ll just tell you straight, I’ve been taking drugs for three years now and trust me, it feels like hell.

           Every morning, my uncle will inject me with a brownish –coloured liquid, a type of drug that I do not know of. It makes me feel stronger, energized and my senses sharper. However, there are risks. After a certain amount of time, I will feel dizzy, as if the world is spinning around me. If I am not treated, I will start getting headaches, my body will start shivering, and I’ll be imagining things and hearing funny voices. If I am left for more than a day, things will get really bad and the worst outcome would be certain death. The only way to prevent all these things from happening is by taking another drug. That’s the one I have to work for.

          Imagine a life like this, waking up every morning, getting injected with the brownish-colored liquid against your will and rushing to ‘earn’ money by snatch-thieving other people just to get the white powder before time runs out to stay alive. You really don’t know how miserable this life can be, and even if you do have a glimpse of this nightmare, guess what? I’ve been going through it for three years now, without the slightest hint that it will be ending any sooner.

As I drag myself into my uncle’s house, he is already waiting at the front door. He gestures me to give him my ‘daily collections’ and I hand over the Burberry handbag. He rummages through it and takes out a bulky, brown wallet. His eyes light up as he takes out a few hundred notes. He nods in satisfaction and approval as he chucks to me the small packet of white colored substance.

“Not bad, but I expect more tomorrow. If not, don’t even think about laying a hand on any of this stuff again,” he said referring to the packet of white substance before leaving.

          Shoot! My body moves before my brain can control it and before anything happens I’m digging my nose into the pack, a bizarre, wonderful sensation filling my lungs, lifting my spirits up. I feel like I’m flying, drifting on top of the world as my head spins in delight. My vision starts to blur but I don’t mind, I just want this feeling to stay, never leave me and before I know it, I pass out. 

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